Local Authors

These authors have had recent events with us. Call us if you’re interested in a signed copy of the books listed–we will either have them on hand or will be able to get them! CHECK OUR EVENTS page for upcoming book signings!

Beautifully Bare, Undeniably You by Habiba Zaman is a book about the journey of discovering one’s truest self. Following a therapeutic process, the reader is guided along a path to gain a more comprehensive understanding of who they are and the factors that have contributed to their current state of being. Interwoven with powerful song lyrics, each section represents a different, yet interconnected stage along this process. Each section and/or chapter includes the following: a therapeutic or theoretical explanation of the given stage in the process, one or more techniques identified to help reader successfully navigate the process, and at least one vignette that represents a time in the lived experiences of one or both authors, which exemplifies either our struggle or successes during our journey. The vignettes are a raw, exposed, and vulnerable window into the human condition. You can visit her website for more information.

The Billion Dollar Baby by Calvin Ward

This is the true story of Calvin Ward, who has been dubbed “The billion dollar baby” because of the amount of money it took to perform the life-saving procedures on him as a child to ensure his survival immediately after being born. Calvin’s life and story will inspire you to live life to the fullest and teach you that there is a hope of a better day in every dark situation. Read more about him here.

Laura’s Great Guide to Fitness: How to Stay Healthy Throughout the Ages by Laura S. Gudipalley

Laura’s Great Guide to Fitness is an informative guide to the health-and-fitness industry. This guide is a cumulation of years of learned knowledge from ISSA, ACE, FIDER, AFFA, and CPR, which Laura S. Gudipalley is certified in various degrees and certifications. First, this guide has basic detailed instructions for health and fitness, including charts and guidelines. Second, this guide provides meal plans based on calorie count for kids, women, and men. And third, this guide provides detailed exercise plans for kids, women, and men. Laura’s Great Guide to Fitness is a one-of-a-kind guide that provides knowledge that one would have to pay hundreds of dollars for. This guide is a an easy read that will walk you through the health-and-fitness industry and teach you how to stay in shape, eat properly, measure yourself, find your target heart rate, and so much more. With the index, one can easily locate where you want to start your own personal journey.

Adobe by Mark Warren

It is 1862. With his older brothers fighting in the war, Wyatt Earp is left to manage the family’s Iowa farm under his father’s iron rule. These years of labor produce in him an ambition to seek his fortunes by his wits rather than by the sweat of his back. The open territory to the west,he knows, offers that opportunity. On his way to California he meets a beguiling Mexican girl, who tells him of the “adobe moon,” a rusty-hued orb that reminds a man: If you do not achieve your dreams, you must settle for what you have. Wyatt rejects this idea, but it haunts him nevertheless,as he takes odd jobs, becomes a constable in a small Missouri town, and ultimately sinks into a depression where the line of ethics blur. Fed up with his self-made squalor, he returns to the West for a second chance at a proper life, and in a Kansas cattle town he comes face to face with his salvation…and his destiny as a lawman with his own iron rule.

Sleeping Above Chaos by Ann Hite

Imagine the relationship triangle from EAST OF EDEN and set it deep in the Appalachian Mountains. Add a couple of ghosts, a good measure of dysfunction, and a whole lot of twists and turns, and you have Ann Hite’s new Black Mountain novel, SLEEPING ABOVE CHAOS. Hite’s fourth novel returns to Swannanoa Gap, a small town at the foot of Black Mountain, and introduces new characters while revisiting some favorites from her previous novels.

Buster and Lee Wright are the sons of Swannanoa Gap’s sheriff. Their personalities couldn’t be more opposite and these differences bring conflicts that may not be resolved.

Ella Ruth Allen was born on Black Mountain. Her mama, a city girl, runs off with another man, leaving the two-year-old Ella Ruth behind with Paul Allen, her father. He in turn promptly dumps poor Ella Ruth on her grandparents’ farm to be raised by Grandmother Allen, a woman who has an extreme dislike for her wild, runaway daughter-in-law.

Hite weaves a ghost story throughout each of her novels and this one is no different. Ella Ruth follows a haint into the woods near the farm and stumbles onto her family history. When her life crosses paths with Buster and Lee Wright, fireworks explode.

The reader will travel to a ranch in Montana, to Pearl Harbor, and to the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, while watching the cast of characters struggle through World War II, emerging into adulthoods which would weigh heavy on anyone’s shoulders. The story ends as the Civil Rights Movement ignites.

The Headless Church, Road to Destiny, & Regaining Dominion by Margaret Sowemimo

One day during her personal prayer time, Margaret Adeola Sowemimo had a disturbing vision of today’s church people which shocked her into examining who constitutes the church and what they are doing to exemplify the Kingdom of God here on earth. They were headless and wandering about in blindness and confusion – without God’s leadership or sense of direction. These church people were more interested in their own agenda than what God intended for the church to portray. This vision prompted her to ask herself, Where is the power of God today? Is today’s church more preoccupied with activities that satisfy the body than those which strengthen the spirit? Do people outside the church see God’s presence in our ministry or only our own self-serving purpose for existence? In The Headless Church, the author explores both ends of the spectrum, with the historical and biblical aspects at one side and the current state of affairs at the other. Through comparisons and contrasts, she helps us achieve a new perspective on where church people are today, and where we ought to be. In her closing prayer, she implores Jesus to remain the head of the church and encourages us to surrender our lives to him.

Read about all three books here.

Sanctuary: A Legacy of Memories

Newly retired publishing executive, Theo Phillips, and his wife, Liddy, decide to leave the shadows of Atlanta behind and return to their South Georgia roots in time-lost Shiloh. While making new friends, Theo’s interest in a memorial launches him smack dab in the middle of scandal and dark secrets. As Theo digs deeper into the mysterious fire that stole the town’s landmark courthouse and a town hero, he and Liddy’s retirement dreams take a turn that could unravel both them and the idyllic life they and many others look for in Shiloh.

Testament: An Unexpected Return

In this sequel to Sanctuary, A Legacy of Memories, Theo and Liddy are finally sinking deep roots into their new hometown of Shiloh. Friendships are blossoming as Liddy ponders an offer to become the new art teacher at Shiloh High while Theo sends off his manuscript for Jessie’s Story to be published. Life appears to be settling down, but ominous shadows from the town’s past herald more tragedy lies ahead in little old Shiloh.

The Scarlet Thread: Tainted Women is a celebration of women who defied conventions and received the gift of Gods grace to become part of Christs family tree. The title of the book reinforces the underlying theme of grace. It alludes to the scarlet thread that Rahab the harlot placed in her window to remind the two Hebrew spies of an oath they made to her not to destroy her and family during their siege of Jericho (Josh. 2:1221). To Rahab, the scarlet thread may have been a token of escape, but to the spies, it may have been a poignant reminder of the Passover blood that caused destruction to pass over their ancestors on the eve of their exodus from Egypt.

Each chapter of the book looks at the life of each woman and how it is woven into the plan of God. The first chapter explores the life of Eve, the second chapter celebrates the Virgin Mary, and the final chapter focuses on Rahab. All other chapters are in chronological order, starting with Sarah, Rebekah, Leah, Tamar, and Ruth and ending with Bathsheba.


“It is 1964 and the Vietnam War is heating up, drafting young men into battle. This is an era in which sex is not discussed at home or at school and children are left in the dark to fend for themselves. It is an era of high morality, anti-war protests, and music that reflected the coming rebellion.

Maxene is seventeen and in love with Romolo, a first-generation Italian American. She discovers she is pregnant; her world comes crashing down around her. She is a good student and has been accepted into college. She is excited about a bright future, fantasizing about marriage and a career as a teacher.

Instead, Maxene will live alone in a town where she knows no one, waiting until the baby is born. Romolo, who is in college, visits clandestinely on occasion.

She gives birth to her daughter. Four days later the lawyer takes the baby from her on the steps of the hospital. Maxene returns home, empty and numb.” Read more on the Author’s Website

MS MYSTERY SOLVED by Patti Pickens

A woman’s thirteen-year battle with Multiple Sclerosis and her miraculous healing.

Patti Pickens is a woman Georgia born and raised. Her Southern charm and contagious smile warmed the hearts of everyone around her.

She led the typical life of family and career, with a touch of rebel and a great sense of adventure.

Her life took a turn when she fell twenty feet from a tree breaking both her legs, and told she may never walk again. Not even knowing that life had an even greater war waiting on the road ahead. When she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis is when the real battle began.

Through the years of debilitating pain, jobless, and financial ruin. Unable to have children and a husband who walked away, most would give up the fight, but Patti rose up and met the challenge.

Through God, faith became her armor and Jesus became her shield. She never gave up hope, because she deserved to live!

Read more about Patti on her website.

MYSTIC TIDES by C. J. Godwin

A DARK CLASSIC RESURFACES IN MODERN TIMES… An Alaskan native moves to a quiet town in Florida, where he is immediately attracted to a natural beauty with magnetic charm. Soon afterward, he begins to realize that his new love interest might not be the perfect image that she portrays, as she begins to show signs of mystical powers that are linked to her equally surprising past.

Mystic Tides is a New, Young Adult Fiction Series inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Little Mermaid’.

UNBROKEN #nolongerafraid by Teikoa Washington

“Teikoa Washington is a world traveler who has lived overseas throughout her early twenties. A College graduate who holds a Masters in Education, Bachelors in Business Management and Economics, military veteran who patrolled the skies of North Korea and protected the country from threats. Holds multiple awards from her Career in the Air Force. She was a humanitarian of the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand. Selfless parent who fostered multiple children and adopted her two nieces. Volunteered for multiple homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters. She’s all things to all people. She is a wife, mother, daughter, friend, and confidant, but in all these things still felt broken until she got to the root of her heart and begin to truly heal from the inside out. Take this journey with her has she learned how to become Unbroken.”