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The Book Worm has hosted several fantastic authors over the years. We continue to host authors from all over the country for signings, discussions and readings. We keep our customers updated on all events through our website, our monthly newsletter and our Facebook fanpage. Check in often; we have all kinds of goings on here!

On October 25, 2018 we will welcome author Melissa Klein with her various romance novels. You can read more about her books on her website. Join us from 4-7 PM during our Farmers Market. Also joining us will be fellow romance author, Linda Joyce, with three of her novels. Her website is: We have also added author Ronnette Virginia Smith with her poetry book, The Mantle Lifted Autumn.

Before filming starts on her next movie, America’s sweetheart, Grace Carradine, wants a girls’ night out. As she dons a disguise to evade the paparazzi, her brown hair isn’t the only deception, so is her upcoming marriage to her costar. Naval-pilot-turned-author, Sebastian “Bash” Baron finds his friends are pairing up and starting families. Given his history, he knows that life isn’t for him-even if the period romance he wrote is being made into a movie. Those stories only exist in fiction-or other people’s lives. The two begin a secret romance, meant to last only as long as the starlet is on location in Bash’s hometown. When the paparazzi, obligations, and pride tear them apart, will Bash come to his senses in time, or will Grace marry the wrong man?


After grieving the loss of her husband and son, TV host Morgan Marshall is ready to embrace life again. But she won’t risk a relationship with the father of her favorite cooking student, Avery, since the girl’s happiness is more important than her own.

Advertising executive Alex Blake never thought another woman could pique his interest after losing his wife to pneumonia, a complication of her cancer. Yet every time he’s in Morgan’s presence, she brings sunlight into the room. Plus, she’s a role model for his daughter, always assuring Avery that dyslexia can’t hold her back. But if he asks Morgan for a date and then she refuses a second one, the person he loves the most, Avery, could get hurt the worst because she adores Morgan.

When Alex is injured in a fall, Morgan insists on caring for him and Avery. As they share holiday fun, Avery topples Morgan’s beloved crystal bell collection, shattering it to pieces. Through it all, they discover love of one another is more priceless than any object money can buy. Love rings in the air at Christmastime.


In my heart, You write a song: Many pleasures have come my way. Superficial they are, and in Your Word I want to stay. I see Your beauty in a day. I see Your blessings that way. —Ronnette Virginia Smith Just like all of us, Ronnette has experienced challenges and heartache during her journey through life. But it is only through the work of the cross and the strength of scriptures that she has learned that God’s truth is constant and His ways are supreme. In a collection of poems inspired by gospel influence, understanding, and practice, Ronnette blends scriptures, inspirational personal stories, and vivid imagery to uplift spiritual seekers who desire a personal or deeper relationship with Christ. Her poems represent the essence of life while providing biblical basis for relatable thoughts and situations experienced in life that will inspire others to create a deeper appetite for genuine fellowship rooted and grounded in the Word of God. Autumn: The Mantle Lifted shares inspirational poetry that dives deep into biblical principles and encourages believers to rely on the Word of God for counsel, comfort, guidance, and conviction.

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VICTORY (BOOK IV) An anti-vampire rights candidate and others are viciously murdered in the Necro-District of Orlando. The only clue, a single word written in blood. To unlock its secret, Paul Isaac unravels a sadistic combination of blackmail and taboo sex. As the new Dracul Sang, Paul must protect his coven, trust sworn enemies and embrace ancient customs. In the meantime, a new lethal power lurks in the shadows, waiting to gain control of the city, while an old flame uncovers secrets Paul isn’t ready to face. In the end, somewhere between the neon and the moonlight, Paul Isaac will find, vengeance, vindication, and VICTORY.